The Christian Education Association Arka

Our Association runs two schools at two levels of education.The first is a Christian Primary/Elementary School, which is attended by children ages 7 to 13. The second school is the Arka Christian Secondary/Junior High School for adolescents ages 13 to 16. Our goal is to offer a thorough and comprehensive education for all children. We desire to create an environment in which students will have the best opportunity to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. This last aspect is of particular importance to us. Our teachers desire to support the students in their understanding of the biblical perspective on the world around them (to help the students develop a biblical worldview). Each teacher strives to achieve this goal through applying biblical truth to daily work in the classroom. We have weekly Bible lessons for all children, which aim to bring them closer to biblical teaching and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Additionally, thematic events which strengthen the spiritual goal of our schools are written into the schools' curricula. These meetings, prepared by our teachers and students, are attended by students, teachers, parents, and friends of the school as well as people from the community.

What makes our schools so special is that we embrace every child who comes to us to learn, regardless of nationality, culture, native language or even religion. Such an approach creates an atmosphere in which our school community learns to respect one another as well as understand and get to know each other, thus modelling God's love for all people.

We need your support...!

Our goal is not only the development of each individual, but also the expansion of the already existing projects as well as the creation of new initiatives. We need the partnership & support of others who are willing to offer their help for our ministry. You may partner us in various ways, which are described in the following pages. Children are our future, and it is amazing that each one of us can have an impact on their development. You can be a part of making their education as well planned, implemented and fruitful as possible.

How can you be involved?

Four ways to get involved:
1. You could support an individual child in our school. [more.. ]
2. You could support the expansion of our facility. [more.. ]
3. You could come and serve with us.[more.. ]
4. You could support us through your prayers. [more.. ]